Saturday, May 26, 2012

Actors everyone else thinks are handsome

IMPORTANT NOTICE: I have nothing against these average looking men. They are merely not my type. They are apparently everyone else's type. That's fine too.

Exhibit A: Tom Cruise
Did you know this guy is 50 years old? He looks slightly plastic to me.
I suppose that a good thing to some.

Exhibit B: Ashton Kutcher
Yeah. I never had a "Future Mrs. Kutcher" bracelet.

Exhibit C: Matthew Mcconaughey
I respect that he makes comedies. He doesn't seem
to think he's too good to make fun of himself.
Not my type.

Exhibit D: Hugh Laurie
He's just a mean doctor. That's why people like him.
But in real life, people don't like mean doctors.
They feel like House has a reason to be mean because
he's so much smarter than everybody else. He doesn't.

Exhibit E: Daniel Radcliffe and Rupert Grint
I'm pretty sure everyone else thinks these guys are
good-looking because everyone else grew up liking
the characters. That's understandable. 
From an outsiders point of view they're
pretty average.

Exhibit F: Taylor Lautner

Just not my favorite look.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Audrey Hepburn and her very inspiring self

Happy Audrey Hepburn's birthday, everyone!

In honor of her birthday I'm posting an article I wrote about her sometime last year. Sadly, it's already embarrassing how poorly written it is. Oh well, I'm not a writer. Just a person who writes once in a while. Here it is! 

We’ve all heard of Audrey Hepburn. Right? We’ve seen the oh-so-famous photo from “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” where she’s holding the uber long cigarette and wearing the big jewels. Well, at least most of us have. But do you know all the other reasons she’s famous? Did you know that before she began her acting career World War II broke out and she and her mother had to flee to Holland? Even there the Nazi troops marched right up to the Hepburn’s front door. They ended up living in a little house in the country with 40 other people, no heat and little food. Though even in those desperate circumstances Audrey pulled through. She taught the other children dance routines and held performances to raise money for the troops, even though they couldn't clap for fear of being found. Once the war finally ended Audrey realized her dreams of being a ballerina were hopeless due to the fact that she was too tall. So, she decided to try out acting instead. She ended up being in at least 31 movies. She not only nailed every roll but won over everybodys admiration in the process. She always had her lines memorized and still found time to do things like cook dinner for the whole cast and crew. She later went on to have 2 sons and when they were grown she put her fame to good use by becoming an ambassador for an organization called Unicef. It was the same organization that had helped her as a child during the war. And in 1989 she spoke to Congress and asked for help for all the people she had met during her travels. Funding for Unicef double and she inspired other celebrities to join the movement. You see, Audrey Hepburn’s life was not always as easy as she made it look in the movies but she chose joy over sorrow, and it’s that kind of outlook that’s an inspiration.
Quote: “Nothing is impossible. The word it’s self says I’m possible!”-Audrey Hepburnt
With her pet fawn 
Audrey working with Unicef 
Cute and classic

Thursday, May 3, 2012


I love adventures. In real life and in the movies. I'm not just talking about action movies, scary movies, or spy movies. Sometime those things are incorporated in adventures but they don't define them. Anyhoo, I'm super excited about a couple of upcoming things.

Exhibit A: "The Avengers" Premiering tomorrow!


Exhibit B: "Sherlock" Season two airs in the US on the sixth!

Get super excited people!
I'm hoping to get some more actual well thought through posts out soon. Until then, enjoy the heroes, demigods, giant green men and consulting detectives that we call entertainment!

Friday, April 20, 2012

Liam Neeson's nose

Ever notice how Mr. Neeson's nose and forehead are all one piece? I mean obviously
the nose bone's connected to the forehead bone on everyone but have you seen him recently?
It's quite interesting. You can hardly tell where one ends and the other begins. On that note,
I only recently discovered that he was once a young, "good-looking" man. Honestly he's always
been more of a grandfather-ish seeming figure to me. That's all for now... Just a thought.
P.S. I hope I don't come across as stalkerly because I name blog posts things like "Liam Neeson's nose."

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

It's coming!

Get excited... Be prepared... On December 14th 2012... Anne Hathaway, Hugh Jackman, Russell Crowe, Helena Bonham Carter and Amanda Seyfried will bring you the sure to be epic remake of......
Les Miserables!

Yes, my friends, it's really happening. I salute Tom Hooper (directer) for taking on the challenge a musical in this day and age and I eagerly await the trailer!
Hugh Jackman as Jean Veljean

Monday, April 9, 2012

We Bought a Zoo

I liked it.

It was good.

Sad but good.

I was excited to see it but was kinda just expecting another 'Free Willy' meets 'Remember the Titans' type movie. Motivation, inspiration, save the animals, follow your dreams. Ya know? Nothing against 'Free Willy', 'Remember the Titans' or any other movie like that. Just trying to give you a mental picture.
Anyway, my loving parents gave it to me for my birthday so a couple days ago we watched it. My older siblings, my parents and I. We were quite pleasantly surprised. We really liked it. I liked that it was not only a love story between Matt Damon and Scarlett Johansson's characters. It was not purely an animal drama and it was a lot about family. On top of that, it was actually quite funny too! I laughed a lot. I laugh easily though so I'll tell you this, the rest of my family laughed too. Another plus was that it was very clean. And the child actors did well. My apologies to any of you who are bothered by the fact that I started a sentence with "And".  My heart goes out to you but I'm really ok with it.

Anyway, good, good movie.

Watch it.

That is to say watch it if you'd like.

Or if you don't like.

But if you watch it and don't like, don't blame me.

I didn't tell you to watch it.

Or did I?

Now for a couple of things that you're wondering.

That weird looking, black, bearish type animal that you see a few times throughout the movie is a Binturong. Also known as a Bearcat. It's not actually related to bears though.

In real life Scarlett Johansson is 27 and Matt damon is 42. Did I just gross you out a little? Sorry.

Ok. That's all.

P.S. It's based on a true story.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Happy Birthday Marlon Brando!

Most people know him as the God Father, But I know him as Sky Masterson.
Ladies and gentlemen... Marlon Brando! Enjoy!